Well Child Care

Preventative Well Child Exams are an important part of quality pediatric care. Children go through many different developmental and physical stages as they grow, and it is important to make sure that your child’s progress through these stages proceeds normally.

Children are seen more frequently for the first 3 years, and should then be seen yearly afterwards.

We recommend bringing your child’s first morning urine specimen once they are toilet-trained. We perform routine hearing and vision screens at the appropriate ages. Routine immunizations are administered according to the AAP guidelines.

Screening lab work for anemia, lead, and cholesterol are also performed at AAP recommended ages.

We also recommend that routine Developmental and Behavioral Survey questionnaires be completed at certain ages according to the AAP guidelines. Please download and complete the following Surveys (at the appropriate age) and bring with you to your child’s Well Visit.

M-CHAT – R:     to be completed at 18 months and 2 years of age (Screening Tool for Autism)

Teen PHQ-9 Depression Survey:    to be completed by your child at ages 11-19 (Depression Screen)

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