We will be administering 3 types of Flu Vaccine for the 2015 season:

Please note that the production of FluMist is behind schedule by the manufacturer. Therefore, we cannot guarantee its availability when you come for your appointment.

  1. FluMist for ages 2 years and older (see below for criteria for FluMist)
  2. Flu shot for ages 3 years and older
  3. Flu shot for infants and children from 6 months to under 3 years of age

All of our Flu vaccines are preservative-free.

FluMist is a live-virus vaccine that may be administered to children:

  • 2 years of age or older
  • Who do not have asthma (has not used an inhaler or nebulizer in the past 12 months), diabetes, chronic heart disease, immune deficiency, chronic lung disease, neurological disease.
  • Who will not be around anyone who is immunocompromised for 7 days following vaccination
  • Who have not received MMR or chicken pox vaccine within 4 weeks of the FluMist
  • Who have not been on oral steroids within 4 weeks of the FluMist